One For The River

My Novella-in-Flash One For the River earned a runner up spot in the Bath Flash Fiction award for 2021 and will be published by Ad Hoc Fiction later this year. You can read about it and the other chosen stories here: 

This joins Homemade Weather, winner of the Retreat West Novelette-in-Flash competition which will also be published this year and Straw Gods, already published by Reflex Press. 


It was a wonderful surprise to discover that my microfiction Frisson has won the 2021 BIFFY50


My Novelette-in-Flash, Homemade Weather, has won Retreat West's 2020 Novelette-in-Flash competition. It will be published by them in an anthology, along with the two runners up. 

I'm thrilled with this, and with the kind words from judge Damhnait Monaghan:

'A beautifully written, deeply satisfying novelette-in-flash that revealed more depth with each read. Celia grows up in a dysfunctional family, believing she possesses a gift for healing, but one which, if used, diminishes her own health. The narrative arc takes us from Celia’s childhood – we first meet her trying to ‘save’ her dog – to loss, love with Finn, who saves her, motherhood, then further grief. A master class in both resonance and the use of white space, with some of the individual flash comprising a few sentences and one having only a title and white space, to brilliant effect. Gorgeous lasting imagery and the promise of hope in the ambiguous ending. I could not get this story out of my head. A deserved winner.'

Straw Gods available for Preorder

I can hardly believe it, but it's happening. The wonderful people at Reflex Press are taking orders for my Novella-in-Flash, Straw Gods.

Straw Gods


I'm thrilled to say that my Novella-in-Flash, Straw Gods, will be published later this year by Reflex Press.

I'll post more details, cover images and maybe even a few excerpts as we get closer to the publishing date.

Straw Gods is a collection of thirty-nine flash fictions, each a standalone story in its own right, that combine to tell a larger story of grief, family and love in the midst of a storm.