Review: Bad Dreams and Other Stories

Bad Dreams and Other Stories Bad Dreams and Other Stories by Tessa Hadley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a fine collection of short stories from a writer I haven't read before.

The opening story, 'An Abduction', surprised and impressed me, with its dreamlike take on a peculiar memory.

I loved 'The Stain', with its exploration of age, class, stunted ambitions and secrets. Probably the stand out story for me.

'One Saturday Morning' had some stunningly sad scenes filtered through the eyes of a poorly understanding naif, something of a recurring theme.

'Experience' shows the writer in her strongest scab picking psychological territory

Some of the mechanics of 'Bad Dreams' were a little pat but the distance it evoked between parents was expertly portrayed.

I enjoyed this story of sisterly warfare in 'Flight'.

I heard Tessa Hadley read (some of) 'Her Share of Sorrow', which was a pleasure but it's not a favourite.

And 'Silk Brocade' has a nostalgic punch and again dreamlike quality of memory.

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