Who I'm Reading - Short Stories

I'm rotating my way through several collections of short stories, as I find that however good the work is the stories can begin to blend if I read them back to back. If I contrast the writers well enough I find I can read as many as I like while still keeping them distinct.

So on the Story Go Round at the moment are:

William Trevor - This great writer came from the same small town as me, which is humbling and inspiring. I'm reading his Collected Works. It's full of stand out pieces. 'Memories of Youghal' and 'Ballroom of Romance' spring to mind, but there are many others.

Chekhov and Hemingway are great, but you may have already heard that.

I'm reading Neil Gaiman for the range and invention of his writing, as well as the quality.

JG Ballard is the big ideas man for me and I enjoy Stephen King for moments of greatness in the sheer volume of work, along with insights into the craft of writing.

Recently finished: Graham Greene's '21Stories' is a great collection. Likewise Raymond Carver's 'What We Talk About When We Talk About Love' is as good as everyone says it is. 

There are a stack of writers and books waiting in line for this cycle, with anthologies vying with collections from Annie Proulx, Alice Munro, Kelly Link, George Saunders and many more.

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