Comics: Now with arbitrary preferences

I like comics and at different times I like some more than others, though which are 'some' and which are 'others' varies more or less by the hour. I also have 'seasons' in my comic reading. At the moment things are quiet on that front, but going on past form, that may change.

Pretty Much Always in the Top Rank:
At the moment Lazarus, Saga, Daredevil and Hawkeye go to the top of the digital pile whenever they come out. The Walking Dead will pretty much always get read on the day I pick it up. Chew, Batman and American Vampire would be pretty much on the same level or thereabouts, depending on the alignment of the stars, the direction of the wind or what I had for breakfast that day. If Scalped, DMZ, Planetary, Ex Machina or Locke and Key were still on the go, the same would be true of them. And I loved Daytripper.

There are others that I enjoy as much but seem to need a particular mood to read: Casanova and Mind MGMT fall into that category as would Cowboy Ninja Viking or Proof, if the were still coming out.

Good to Better: Parker - The Hunter, Parker - The Outfit, Criminal, 100%, Heavy Liquid, Phonogram, Northlanders, Fury Max

Pretty Damn Good: Kick Ass, Stumptown, The Sword, The Massive, Mara, Sex, Sex Criminals

There is the curiously large bunch of series that I have started, enjoyed, and then never finished: No, doesn't make sense to me either. These include Fables, Transmetropolitan, The Unwritten, Powers, 100 Bullets, Gotham Central, Hellblazer and in a slightly different way The Boys, which I dislike as much as I like at times but it has a distinctive power. And I've never finished Preacher. Or Sandman. What is wrong with me?

There's a whole bunch of Jeff Lemire stuff that's great: Essex County, Lost Dogs, The Invisible Man and that diver one I can never remember the name of, as well as Trillium.

And Pluto is great. I know, the typical 'he read only one manga the whole way through'. Still great though. Liking 20th Century Boys...

Currently on the go but can't quite say where they stand: Bitch Planet, Black Widow, Deadly Class, MPH, Low, Rasputin, The Fade Out, Thor (Aaronson), Satellite Sam, Scarlet, Southern Bastards, FBP, Alex + Ada, Zero, Jupiter's Legacy, Trees, Velvet, The Private Eye, Annihilator (or is that finished?)

So other than seeing that I spend far too much time reading comics, what else have I said? Not much but it's been a nice rummage through the virtual and real longbox.

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